WanderList is for people who want to get information about a place they are moving to. Simply go to the website, sign up enter a location, then get information about home prices, demographic information, and restaurants. View on

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WanderList is built on the MEAN stack via .

It uses for hosting the database and for hosting.

The was used to scaffold the app, and for the CSS.


WanderList uses the for demographic and home prices.

The is used for the list of restaurants.

The is used to display the maps.

Up Coming Features

Allow comparisons between two locations

Add historical weather data via the

Allow users to input preferences and suggest locations that meet the specified criteria

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You can find a high-level summary on the MonkeyLearn blog.

#Robot is your personal marketing consultant. #Robot will give the most visible and used hashtags in each category. Adding these hashtags to your tweets will give social media users an edge in getting views and gaining followers. #Robot makes it easy for you to tweet right from our dashboard. View on


HashRobot is hosted on .

Built with and a bit of jQuery.

for CSS.

Icons from .

Fonts from .


HashRobot uses the to gather hashtags.

The is used to analyse the tweets and get their relevant category.


HashRobot is designed to process large numbers of current and popular tweets from Twitter's API. HashRobot then passes them to the Monkey Learn API to gain data and relevant categories for a each tweet. HashRobot reivews the results applies its proprietary algorithm then finds the most valuable hash tags for a each category at a given moment. These hashtags can then be used to raise your social media profile.

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MetroPost is a place to share information about the LA Metro rail service. Make a post, star a line, stay informed. View on

metropost screen shot


Metropost is hosted on .

Built with .

for CSS.


Icons and wireframes were created in .