About Me

I currenly working as a software engineer at Procore on our notification infrastructure, primarly in Rails. Previously, I worked as a front end engineer at Legacy.com for 2 years and focused mainly on React and Node. I have a BA in Philosophy from UC Santa Cruz and completed the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly in Los Angeles.

Previously I worked as a paralegal for almost 10 years focused mostly on IP litigation. During my time as a paralegal I began using the command line as a way to automate some of my day-to-day tasks. The more I learned about coding generally, the more I enjoyed it. In March 2014, after a particularly brutal trial experience, I decided to move to Santa Barbara and start pursuing web development full time.

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  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Node
  • Git
  • Shell Scripting
  • React/JSX
  • GraphQL


HashRobot: a social media assistant built with MonkeyLearn

Guest post on the MonkeyLearn Blog

A guest blog post for MonkeyLearn about HashRobot, an app I built while at General Assembly. HashRobot is a social media assistant built with MonkeyLearn that helps Twitter users pick the right hashtags for their tweets. With HashRobot it’s easy to identify the most popular hashtags within a certain topic. Twitter users can add these hashtags to their tweets to have an edge in getting more views and increase visibility.


General Assembly

Web Development Immersive, 2015

A 12 week immersive program focused on Ruby and Javascript.

UC Berkeley Extension

Paralegal Certificate, 2009

This paralegal program is in compliance with California Business and Professions Code 6450 through 6456 regulatory standards for paralegal education.

University of California Santa Cruz

Batchelor of Arts, Philosophy, 2005

My focus at UCSC was on analytic philosophy including philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and symbolic logic.

Freelance Projects

The Law Office of Daniel M. Shafer

The client had already purchased a domain name but had not yet built a site or a hosting provider. He requested a clean, modern looking site. He provided me with a business card and asked me to match the font style and color. After a few round of reviews we had the site up and running within 2 weeks. I also created email addresses using the @danshaferlaw.com URL and walked the client through setting up his email on Outlook as well as his iPhone. This site was built with Bootstrap and as a result looks great on any device whether it be a large desktop, an iPad, or a smart phone.

Law Offices of Bernadette Connolly

The client already had a website that they had built in-house. They didn't have the internal resources to devote to having another site built, but they wanted something professional looking. I managed the transfer from their previous hosting company, and got them up and running with a professional looking site. Because they specialize in immigration law, I also set them up with a spanish mirror site. This site is optimized for mobile devices and works great on desktops and smartphones alike.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Carpenteria, CA
Procore · October 2017 to Present

I'm currently working on Procore's notification infrastructure in Rails, including email and mobile push.

Front End Engineer

Calabasas, CA
Legacy.com · August 2015 to August 2017
  • Created clean, maintainable, and fully tested web pages with semantic markup in both HTML and JSX, and styles with CSS and various style preprocessors.
  • Created and maintained frontend applications in Node with both server and client side rendering. Created both functional and stateful React components for a page receiving over 4 million visits per month. For application level state management I used Redux, Relay, and higher order components in vanilla React.
  • Used Webpack for bundling, Babel for transpiling code down to ES5 for wide browser support, and Jenkins for continuous delivery.
  • Developed multiple backend Node.js microservices. The microservices connect to PostgreSQL, SQL Server, or Solr for data, perform business logic, then expose the transformed data to a public facing graphQL layer via restful APIs.
  • Created and maintain a comprehensive unit test suit with Mocha, Chai, Proxyquire, jsdomify, Enzyme, and Sinon.
  • Regularly manage and coordinate production releases with Dev Ops and other Scrum teams.

Web Developer

Santa Barbara, CA
Freelance · May 2014 to July 2015
  • Design and creation of a websites for various small businesses.
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript (ES5)
  • Manage client accounts with Google Analytics and Webmaster
  • Version control with Git and GitHub
  • Experienced with Twitter Bootstrap CSS/JS framework
  • SEO

Senior Litigation Paralegal

Bunsow De Mory Smith & Allison LLP · Apr 2013 to May 2014
  • SQL Database management
  • Shell scripting for task automation
  • Document processing and production via LAW PreDiscovery
  • Document production analysis and report generation via custom shell scripts
  • Network and computer setup and management at trial
  • Train employees on Concordance, LAW, and other review platforms

Litigation Paralegal

The Lanier Law Firm · Nov 2010 to Feb 2013
  • Case management and litigation calendaring
  • SQL scripting, database management, and production report generation
  • Legal and factual research
  • Document review and analysis
  • Filings with Federal, State, and Administrative Courts

Office Manager

EJS-Law · Jun 2005 to Oct 2010
  • Drafting of written discovery, pleadings, and correspondence
  • Legal and factual research
  • Filing documents with Federal, State Courts and the USPTO
  • Manage client trust accounts, expenses, payroll, A/R, and A/P with QuickBooks
  • Web development/design and IT support
  • Litigation calendaring and general scheduling for two attorneys

Event Manager

The Mountain Winery · Feb 2001 to Aug 2007
  • Manage the Chateau Deck Restaurant (140 Max Occupancy)
  • Personally responsible for managing up to 20 employees
  • Manage weddings and corporate events of up to 500 guests